Friday, October 15, 2010


Any other children of the 80's with a certain song stuck in their brains right now?

Remember the scene... she's dancing like she never danced before... sweat pouring off her... a force of physical power pushing through the pain to be the best...

Now, imagine me at my sewing machine.

Stop laughing.

Stop! It's true! I'm a sewing maniac lately.

I made a queen size quilt for my son, a full size quilt for my daughter, finished a lap blanket, made a table runner and a Christmas quilt. I started on a full size quilt called Cabin in the Woods and have also started a ragged edge charity quilt.

See? Maniac.

Check out the charity work. It's for a super important cause - a friend in need of a double lung transplant. If you don't want to purchase a blanket, please consider making a donation to her surgical fund. Even a few extra bucks would be greatly appreciated.

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