Sunday, January 31, 2010

Meals for the month

I'm working a list of meals for the month which is helping me with my grocery list for the month. I won't buy everything all at once; I'll wait for sales. But it helps me to organize my thoughts when I have it all planned out. Here's a start...

Carnitas - 3 packages of pork tenderloin, flour tortillas, cojito cheese (if I can ever find it!!), lime juice, chicken broth. This is enough for at least 4 meals.

Spaghetti bake - 2 boxes Dreamfield pasta, 4 jars marinara, parmesean, ricotta, ground sausage and ground beef, sweet potatoes (sounds weird I know but I'll explain).

Italian sausage and peppers - 2 packages sausage per meal, 3 bags frozen onion/pepper mix per meal, 1 package provolone, 1 bag hoagie rolls. I'll probably make this twice during the month.

Crockpot orange chicken - 2 packages boneless, skinless chicken, ketchup. I have everything else on hand. I'll make this twice during the month.

Tacos - ground beef, onion, hard tortilla shells, sour cream for Josie.

Slow cooker chicken taco soup - 1 package chicken, onion, beans, beer, green chilis. Only going to make this once since I'm not sure how the kids will like it.

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