Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Here! Dis for YOU Momma!

My daughter loves to pretend to give me food or drinks. She will reach over to some toy next to her and pretend like she's messing with it and magically pulls out juice or a cheeseburger or chocolate or some other food. She holds her hand up to me and I have to take it and pretend to eat or drink it. I love this game! We think up all kinds of funny juices for her to make for me.

Tonight she was pretending to be Lightening McQueen and she was giving me racing medals.
Shaggy: Here Momma! I got racing medals for you. You want it?
Me: Sure, baby!
Shaggy: *sticks her hand down the back of her diaper and pretends to pull out a medal* Here you go, Momma! *and she shoves the "medal" down the neck of my shirt*
Fortunately, she had not pooped.

From that point on, she's alternated delivery locations. She will either shove it down my shirt or she'll rub it on my head.

Again, fortunately she's not pooped.

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Cari said...

Hilarious! I'm opening up a contest very soon on my blog. It is a search for the funniest story you've got about your kiddos. Keep an eye out and share this or another. You might win a gift card to Starbucks or Jamba Juice!