Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Back to work

I had my final interview today and am anxiously awaiting THE phone call.

This would be a part time job with flexible hours. I'm going to ask to work M-Th 8am-1pm. This would allow me to be home in time to pick Little M up from preschool and only Shaggy would need to be in daycare. Big M can take them to school and daycare before he heads to school each morning. Because of Big M's wacky class schedule this semester, he can't take them on Friday mornings; he has a class that begins at 8am (EW!). I'd be able to take Little M to school on Fridays if my employer agrees to these hours.

So. Here I sit. Staring at the phone. Willing it to ring.

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Leigh said...

ooo... I'll be praying for you!