Thursday, January 29, 2009

Mr. President?

This afternoon, Shaggy and I walked up to the school to pick up Little M at the end of his day. It's easier to walk home if we cut through the school, come out the back and walk past the playground. So we did.

As we walked out of Little M's classroom, he admonished his sister and I that, "Shhhh! We have to be quyyyyy-eeeettt!"

As we walked a little farther, he said, "Momma! I show you da rock o dama. I show you da rock!"

Um. Okay.

At the end of the hall, hanging for all to see, was a laminated news article about our new president with his picture on it.
LittleM: See Momma! Dat DaRock O Dama!
Me: Yes! That's Barack Obama. Do you know who he is?
LittleM: Yes. He DaRock O Dama!
Me: Yes, he is Barack Obama. But do you know who Barack Obama is?
LittleM: She da Mr. President.
I was so tickled with his pronunciation. But mostly, I was so proud of him for being excited to tell me about our new president.

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