Tuesday, October 7, 2008


This morning, my son punched a hole in our glass windowed door. Yes, my sweet almost-four-year-old son did this.

And he was injured. He scraped a deep layer of skin off most of the underside of his finger.

His hand went right through the glass and I was scared to death that he'd slice his wrist as he pulled his hand back through. It happened in an instant and he pulled his hand through before I could even blink.

If you look at the underside of your finger, you'll see two horizontal lines, one at each joint. He scraped off a deep layer of skin from the middle of the top of his finger all the way down to the middle of the bottom joint at the hand. It's about 2-3cm wide the entire length of the cut. Because it's so wide, it can't be stitched.

It bled like crazy for a LONG time. Any time we took pressure off, it started bleeding again.

We took him to the pediatrician within minutes of it happening. They said they couldn't fix it and sent us to an orthopedist who specializes in finger surgery. The concern is that scar tissue forming over those crease areas will tighten over time and limit his use of the finger.

They said they'd dress the wound, tell us how to care for it and see him in a week. They feel that it will heal quickly. In about a year, we'll have to reassess and determine if they need to do surgery to break the scar tissue on the creases to give him back better function in the finger.

Man was that scary. The adrenaline is just starting to wear off.

He was a trooper the whole time. He stopped crying in our bathroom not long after it happened once I got him calmed down. After that, he didn't cry at all. I had to hold gauze on his finger and apply pressure for long periods of time and he was really well behaved and still. He was so good about it all. He wasn't upset at all. He was mostly intrigued about what was going on I think.

So he's bandaged up and has a splint to help keep the finger straight while it heals. We go back next week to have it checked.

People say that boys get into more scrapes than girls but I figured it was just anecdotal. I'm beginning to think not. Boys are a danger to themselves!

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CristyLynn said...

Wow! So sorry that happened, and hope it doesn't increase his curiosity for medical attention! :) Love you!