Friday, January 18, 2008

It's so tough with one child!

Yes, I know it's a huge adjustment to go from zero children to a newborn. And as the baby gets older, you find new challenges - like grocery shopping with a cranky or sick toddler.

But when I hear mothers of one child moan and groan about how they can't even get to the grocery store because it's too hard to shop with their single child, I just smile inwardly.

I only have two children. It's not easy to do my grocery shopping with both of them, but I can manage it. I have tactics to get us through the store with a minimal amount of screaming, biting, crying, howling and sibling eye poking. I usually have no choice but to take them with me as my husband is in school full time and is studying when he's not in classes. School is the top priority so everything else falls to me.

But let me share a secret with you. This one piece of knowledge will revolutionize the way you grocery shop. It will entirely change your perspective on this chore.

Are you ready?

Are you sitting down?

Go at night once your child is asleep. Daddy "watches" the kid; you get some piece and solitude; you aren't rushed; you don't have to keep up with goldfish falling on the floor or toys being thrown down the aisle.

For some reason, women look at me like I'm nuts when I suggest this.

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lmilla said...

I am SOOOO about shopping alone at night. I've been excited to start doing that since I was about 7 mths pg.... I kept thinking that it would be so nice and peaceful to leave the big boy at home...