Saturday, January 19, 2008

Do as the butterflies do

Bright Eyes has discovered how much fun it is to get out of her Big Girl Bed and tear her room apart. I knew it would happen so I'm not overly distressed about it. It's a pain to continuously go back in and put her back in bed with the various levels of admonishions about staying put.

For Christmas, Poppa and Granny Lee bought a strand of butterfly lights for Bright Eye's room. They're really cute and she adores them. She talks to her butterflies. She talks about her butterflies. She tells me when she wants them on or off.

Yesterday, I had a Mommy Epiphany. The butterflies!!

During nap time yesterday and today, I put Bright Eyes back down to sleep a few times, then told her that the butterflies were going night-night and she should too.

She stayed in bed and fell asleep!

Butterflies -- the new role models for my toddler!

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