Saturday, November 3, 2007

I'm it

Well, I'm going to assume that MomOfAllTrades is talking about me as one of her "four" readers and go ahead and post this meme. No, I'm not vain at all! OF COURSE she's talking about me! LOL

4 Jobs I've had:

* Dry cleaner front clerk
* Retail cosmetics sales
* Bilingual receptionist
* Online marketing manager

4 Places I've lived

* Virginia
* Virginia
* Virginia
* Lodi, NJ

4 Favorite TV shows (currently on TV)

* America's Next Top Model
* Hot Shots
* Brothers & Sisters
* Samantha Who

4 Places I've been on a Vacation

* Seeley Lake, Montana
* Wildwood Crest, New Jersey
* Kauai, Hawaii
* Shreverport, Louisiana

4 Movies I could watch over and over

* The Princess Bride
* The Fifth Element
* Monsters Inc
* I'm too tired to think of another one

4 Favorite Dishes

* Good lasagna
* Tacos
* Nachos
* My aunt's baked macaroni and cheese

4 Websites I visit

* Facebook
* Postsecret
* Mom's Last Resort

4 places I'd like to be

* in my bed asleep
* Hawaii
* Galapagos Islands
* randomly touring Norway

Who so I tag? Um... the next four people to read this. Please leave a comment so I can read your meme once you're done!

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