Sunday, November 4, 2007

This is *not* another post about the time change

Nope. It's not. I promise.

I'm sure there are millions of mom-bloggers out there this morning grumbling, groaning and cursing under their breath about the time change. You don't need another post about it. You can go anywhere on the internet and hear complaint after complaint about earlier wake up times, moms who are clinging to their coffee when they'd rather be snoozing and kids who are wired and into everything.

I will not indulge in the satisfaction of a good old fashioned rant.

I will not fuss about the dark circles under my eyes.

I will not envy my husband who has a medical condition that leaves him exhausted when his medication isn't precise and is sucking zz's while I'm making instant oatmeal in my underwear.

I will not explain in detail the headache currently tearing my brain matter in pieces.

I will not share my disappointment in missing a perfect opportunity to get some extra rest.

Nope. Not going to do it.

You can go anywhere on the internet for a gripe like that!

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