Sunday, October 28, 2007

Going batty is not an option

I woke up from a somewhat deep sleep at 1:40 am to see my husband dressed and getting his keys out of his pants pockets.

Most women would ask, "Who is she!"

I was too befuddled to even think that far. I think I mumbled something like, "Wha.... what the?? huh? What? What are you doing? Huh??"

The response was, "There was a bat in our room."

I'll pause here for a moment while you collect your jaw from off the floor.

Yes, there was a bat in our bedroom. We (translation: Big M) got it out of the house but it left us both feeling very nervous.

So tomorrow we're contacting the special bat hotline (don't laugh; there's really a bat hotline!) to find out what we need to do. But from what we've gathered from our own research, we're both probably going to go ahead and get rabies shots. Evidently, most people who are bit by a bat while asleep don't ever realize it. And since we don't know if the bat had rabies or not, we'd rather play it safe. When rabies is 100% lethal once symptoms show, we'd rather not take that chance.

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gtwinmom said...

Golly jeepers batman!!! No, not really. That is to scary!! Good luck!!!