Friday, August 24, 2007


Thoughts plucked out of the recesses and cobwebs of my brain...

- Is "arbitrariness" even a word?

- I hate giving in and taking a shower in the morning. Taking a shower in the morning signifies giving in and accepting that your day is starting and there's definitely no chance of crawling back under the covers, getting all warm and snuggly and drifting back to sleep.

- After I washed my face in the shower this morning, I had an overwhelming urge to cry. What's that all about? I wasn't upset or sad about anything. I wiped the water off my face and felt like sobbing. Bizarre.

- Why is it so hard to remember to eat?

- My children let us sleep in until 7:45 this morning. I had to look out the window to check for flying pigs.

- I need to make some money to keep us afloat so I don't have to go back to work in nine months only to need to work for about 9 months until Big M graduates and gets a full time job.

- Fall semester has started for Big M. Today was his second day of classes. I miss him already. I'm so spoiled having him home during the days all summer. I know some couples would be at each other's throats and get irritated with each other but we really enjoy being home together so much.

- Who knew that common baby powder would save my sanity at the beach!

- I seriously hate having to deal w/ after-vacation-cleaning like laundry and unpacking. Bah.


mommyof2galz said...

It must be nice to have everyone home together. My husband and I hardly see eachother because of different work schedules. I love to use baby powder at the beach too...gets rid of all that sand.

Leeann said...

Hello! I was browsing blogs, trying to find some other Mom's blogs. I like to read about other Mom's lives and realize that mine is not extraordinary or extra-stressful...other people are living my same life! :) I am a stay-at-home Mom, new to the "blog world" and any contact with the outside world...with people that are potty trained :) is great! Thanks for posting!