Thursday, August 23, 2007

Send Help! Held Hostage!

I have VERY noisy, squeaky wood stairs in my house. So loud that they often wake me up unless my bedroom door is closed. The squeaking is really bad. Seriously people! You'd think you were waking the dead when you walk on them! And because of them, I'm afraid to go downstairs for fear that they'll wake my son up from his nap!!

Little M got home from day camp and was SO overtired but he wouldn't stay in bed. We had two long, exhausting days at the beach and he got to bed rather late last night. He's one tired puppy! I thought he'd pass out as soon as his head hit the pillow for his nap today. I was, however, quite mistaken. I guess he was *too* tired - he kept getting up and leaving his room and then would have a complete meltdown when I brought him back to bed.

I finally had to trick him into taking a nap. He wanted me to lay down with him (which I wasn't about to do because it wouldn't do either of us any good) so I told him to wait there and I'd be right back. (I know, I suck. I feel terrible that I lied to him and that I promised comfort knowing I wouldn't be giving it. I'm going to go eat worms now.) I pulled his door almost closed and came into my room and got on Big M's computer. I knew that if he would just lay there for a few minutes, he'd be out cold - and he is. But his door isn't shut all the way and I can't shut it all the way because it makes a super loud noise when it's opened and closed (old houses shift and the door isn't plumb anymore, causing this issue).

I desperately need to get all the wet beach stuff into the wash but I'm afraid to go downstairs and wake him!

That's right, I'm being held captive by a sleeping preschooler.


kara said...

ack! Our house is like that and one day I said screw it I'm not being held captive and after about 15 minutes into the nap they won't hear it but if you try to walk near their room about an hour or so into the nap forget about it they will wake up! jr

mommyof2galz said...

I know watch you mean, I spend a lot of time tip-toeing around my house too!