Friday, August 24, 2007

You dirty rotten lasagna fryer!

"Now what are you doin' with this? You can call me a lotta things, but you cain't call me a lasagna fryer!" - Paula Deen

I about fell over laughing when Paula said this tonight on her show Paula's Party.

I'm sitting here at 9:15pm, finally able to make and eat my own dinner because the little monsters are finally asleep, and they're talking about fried lasagna. FRIED LASAGNA PEOPLE!!

I'm drooling.


troysmama20 said...

OMG. I haven't had lasagna in FOREVER!!!! Soooooo yummy. I would clean someone's entire house, do their laundry, dishes, mow the lawn, scrub the toilets, wash and vaccum out their cars for a pan of lasagna....seriously...I can almost smell it....

Kris said...

troysmama20 can come clean my house anyday in exchange for lasagne....bur FRIED????? Only Paula Deen could come up with such an odd delicacy! I SO regret not visiting her restaurant during the seven years we live in Savannah!

Hey visited my blog and asked me about cloth diapers...careful not to open up TOO big a can of worms, they're addictive! I've been contemplating a blog about cloth diapering, check back with me in a couple-a days, ok? Thanks for visiting!