Friday, June 11, 2010

Time for an update

Since my last post --

My part-time, seasonal job has ended. Boo hoo at the loss of the paycheck. But there's hope for future work with them so that's great.

We have celebrated my daughter's 4th birthday in style at Chuck E Cheese with lots of friends, an overwhelmingly garlic scented party, and a blue caterpiller cake.

I have forced my dear friend to square up my quilting blocks because I was too chicken to attempt it myself.

Discovered that my truck needs a new "pump". What kind of pump, you might ask. Heck if I know. The kind that keeps my power steering fluid fluid from spraying all over the manifold.

I discovered the Downy Quilts for Kids quilt I was supposed to sew and send back three months ago. Oops. It's almost done. I promise!

Picked a bunch of strawberries, mashed them up and stuck them in the freezer to be eaten with shortcake on my birthday.

My son has gone five nights in a row without wetting the bed. Much rejoicing about this. MUCH rejoicing.

My little garden is chuggin' along. The bell peppers are coming in. I'm seeing lots of blossoms on the tomato plants so hopefully they'll start popping out soon. I routinely trek out to the balcony to gather up fresh basil for my store-bought, frozen pizzas. Ha! That makes me laugh every time.

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