Friday, May 21, 2010

I started doing some seasonal part-time work about three weeks ago. It's only going to last for another two weeks. In the mean time, my kids aren't adjusting as well as I hoped they would.

My son has been acting out aggressively. He's never been an aggressive child but he has been hitting his sister a lot lately and he's been more apt to hit other children and push them out of his way. I know all kids do this, but it's so out of character for my son that it's a concern.

My daughter tells me almost daily that she is afraid I won't come back home. She asks where I was, why did I have to go, begs me to stay home with her, etc. And when we are home, she's glued to me. If we walk down the apartment stairs and I get more than five steps ahead of her, she's freaks out and screams because I'm too far away and she thinks I'm leaving her behind.

Intellectually, I know that they will adjust (probably just in time for me to stop working). I know I'm doing all the right things to comfort and reassure them. I know that working has been very good for my mental health, and in turn, is helping me be a better mother.

But it still breaks my heart to see the negative impact.

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