Thursday, April 22, 2010

My balcony excites me daily

My urban gardening experiment is well under way. So far, I've made four hanging veggie planters, including a multi-strawberry hanger, and have quite a few seedling plants growing in various containers.
This project started as a tiny seed of "what if... I wonder if I could..." sometime last fall. I held onto the idea all winter and did my research. I scoured the internet for balcony/hanging gardening ideas. I asked friends to share their knowledge and for advice. I got crafty and decided to make my own homemade version of the Topsy Turvy planters.
And, I got excited!

I've really enjoyed watching my seeds sprout and grow. I had a great time making my upside down planters with my friends. I went to an organic farm to purchase some plants with a friend.

Yes, I even enjoyed getting dirt under my nails, getting dirty and playing in the soil.

And how appropriate that today, Earth Day, I was able to pick our first ripe strawberry and found flower blossoms on my tomato plant!

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