Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Today, the kids and I visited the Farm to Family traveling farmer's market bus. This was my second trip to the farm bus; my first trip was to purchase the sausage and kale for the amazing soup I made last week. I want to make more of that soup and can't imagine making it with a different brand of sausage.

On the way there, I tried to explain to the kids that the school bus had been changed into a farm bus with lots of yummy fruits and veggies in it. They weren't sure what to expect!

We climbed on board and they immediately started exploring. My daughter had a long conversation with Daisy the bunny and my son investigated the oyster mushrooms. Both kids picked out some apples to snack on during the trip home.

As we were leaving, we were given little packets of produce seeds. I'm determined to do some balcony gardening this summer so I could hardly wait to get home and examine the contents! I have seeds for: Mariana tomatoes, Grano onions, lettuce, spinach and mustard hybrid, Orange Smoothie pumpkin, Megabrew muskmelon F1 hybrid (huh??), arugula, fenugreek, onion, Turbo cucumber hybrid, broccoli, and cabbage. That's a lot of seeds!

I'm all a twitter with excitement!

The seeds are courtesy of:

Thank you because I can't wait to get my seedlings going and start my balcony garden!

Eating the yummy apples the kids chose from the Farm to Family bus


CristyLynn said...

Wait, so this bus just drives around selling Virginia grown stuff? I've never heard of this before. Sounds interesting.

rubia said...

Just in the Richmond area, but yep, that's the general idea! It's all locally grown, organic produce, dairy and meat.