Saturday, March 13, 2010

Day Two Post Trauma

I think I'm still in shock. Not clinical shock, but stunned at what we have all been through over the past few days. My daughter, however, seems to be a human rubberband and has bounced back and is completely back to normal.

We (my husband actually) rearranged the bedroom so that a tall chest of drawers is in front of the window now. It looks weird, but it's safe and I'll take safe over chic design without hesitation.

Yesterday afternoon, I was picking up stuff and walked into the room to hang up Shggy's jacket. Out of habit, I walked towards the window. Just couldn't make it any closer than four feet from the window. I started shaking and crying. I fell asleep last night with visions of that empty window in my head.

This morning, Shaggy came over and asked me for a hug which I happily gave her. Started crying again as I hugged her. But this time it was because I was so thankful that she was unhurt, back home, and back to her normal self.

I have been trying to gently urge Little M to talk about it whenever the time feels right. He saw his sister, his best friend in the world, fall out the window. That had to be scary for him. He has a hard time labeling his emotions so it's even more important that we help him process it. He is so happy to have his sister back though. It's wonderful to see them playing together. He missed her so much while she was in the hospital.

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