Sunday, June 21, 2009

The two fathers in my life

Big Daddy
I adore my husband. Just plain old ADORE him. Sure, there are times when we get on each others' nerves but, all in all, he's a super duper husband and father. When I was pregnant, he read Dr. Seuss to my belly for each baby. He did middle of the night breast pump cleaning so I could fall back to sleep. He has rocked our children to sleep, changed exploding diapers, washed sippy cups, braved the stores with cranky kids, snuggled with them in the mornings, played with them in the afternoons, bathed them at night. He makes them breakfast every morning so I can sleep in a little. He takes our son to school every morning. He blow dries our daughter's hair and tells her how pretty she is. He's not too macho to do girly things with our daughter and he acknowledges and nurtures our son's analytic play.

As a husband, he takes care of my heart and my tissue paper feelings. He love me exactly how I need to be loved. I think he really likes it when I'm feeling needy and need extra hugs, kisses and snuggles. He supports me even when he doesn't agree with me. He boosts my ego and makes me feel special.

I am very fortunate that he is my husband. I adore him.

My Daddy
What did I inherit from my father? Nordic skin that turns lobster red in the sun, a love for music, a unique sense of humor, computer talent and a sense of family. There's plenty more, but these things are very much the core of who I am and they came from my daddy.

My father taught me the value of hugs and kisses - especially at the First National Bank of Dad.

I wish he could teach me how to grill as wonderfully as he does, but I don't know that I have the aptitude for it. Man can he grill!! Two words... Flank. Steak.

Music was a huge part of life growing up. My father can play just about any instrument he picks up and encouraged me and my siblings to try music as well. He financed our violins, lessons and contest fees. He never missed a concert, contest or recital. And as much as I tease him about his Bluegrass love, it was his constant need to play music that reinforced music in my life.

When you're raised on a comedic diet of Tom & Jerry, Abbott & Costello, Roadrunner, Bugs Bunny and the like, you can't help but have a unique sense of humor. Another two words for you, Dad: Gadoosh, Gadoosh. I bet you're laughing! I am!

I love you, Daddy. Thanks for being a great dad to me and a wonderful grandfather to my children.

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