Sunday, March 8, 2009

Hello in there

I wrote this in January 2006 while I was pregnant with Shaggy.

Little baby girl, I feel you wiggling and stretching. You're not big enough or strong enough to be felt on the outside of my body yet, but you and I have a secret in that I know when you're feeling frisky and wanting to move around.

I wonder what it is that compells you to stretch or to wiggle or to roll around. Do you think about moving? Or is it just your nervous system starting to take over? Are you trying to say, "Hey! I'm here already. Start loving me now." or are you trying to remind me that this is just the beginning of a life long endeavour?

Who will you be? Will be you happy like your brother and full of spunk and humor? Will you be quick to smile and love easily like he does? Will it bother you that I look at the two of you for similarities as well as differences? Will you be as girly as your brother is totally boy?

Will you be in awe of the world around you? Will you explore and discover? I ask these things because this is what I see your brother do and it's my only frame of reference. But I want you to be you. I want you to be happy and charming and loving .... and loved. Loved by your family of course. But loved by all those who come into your life and by all those lives you touch.

Hello in there? What are you thinking today?

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