Thursday, November 13, 2008

Recent "Mommy" defining moments

- While trying to pee in a public restroom, I was heard shouting, "Stand there! DO NOT MOVE! No!! Don't open that door!!!!"

- No matter how much agony my bad back is giving me, I refuse to give up a rare moment of rocking my daughter in my arms as she sleeps. She never falls asleep in my arms any more.

- I got all verklepmt while watching my children chase bubbles. It's the epitome of innocence, wonder and childhood.

- I choose the children-compilation CD over the Top 40 station on the radio.

- Actually answering my cell phone while trying to pee because I know it's the only opportunity I'll have to talk without being hounded by children.

- I spent an entire day playing and replaying and replaying Blue Oyster Cult's song "Godzilla". Why? So that when my husband got in the car (he's a huge BOC fan), the kids would start singing, "Oh No! There goes To-key-yo! Go, go, Godzilla! Ooooh No! They say he's got to go! Go, go, Godzilla!" And simply because it amused me.

- Telling my kids "no" to something, then saying, "Oh what the heck. It doesn't really matter. Go ahead!"

- Calling my son in "sick" for school when he was really on a trip with his Grandma. Yes, I'm the cool mom who let her son play hookey from school.

- Crying in the car for 10 minutes straight. Why? Because both of my children were enthusiastically singing Laurie Berkner's "Blow a Kiss" and loving it. It was a beautiful moment that, for me, held the essence of what I want to teach my children - to love others.

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