Sunday, November 16, 2008

Happy Friendsgiving!

A few years ago, my friend Blondie introduced me to Friendsgiving - celebrating Thanksgiving with the friends you have made family. She made the turkey and we all brought the side dishes. I loved it! I loved the concept. So I adopted it for my own family after we moved to a new city.

Today was my second annual Friendsgiving. It was a much smaller group that I anticipated, but it was still a good number of bodies for this small house.

I tried a few new twists - I squeezed a lime over the turkey; yum! I made a wonderful in-season fruit salad using my tried-and-true fruit salad dressing. I kicked up my traditional mac and cheese by using five cheeses. Everything was totally yummirific!

It was so nice having my friends over and our kids had so much fun. By 5pm, Shaggy was at the end of her rope and could have gone to bed right then! They loved having all their friends over. We pulled out the mini-trampoline. It sounded like they were going to come through the ceiling but they had so much fun.

All in all, it was a very nice Friendsgiving.

Next weekend, it's Friendsgiving at Blondie's house. I can't wait!

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CristyLynn said...

What a great idea! We're doing something similar over here, but I wouldn't have thought to call it that. We are having tons of our Russian friends who have become like family over on Thanksgiving day.