Sunday, November 2, 2008

Hello, car.

Shaggy: Momma. Say hello to car.
Me: Hi Car! Where are you going, car?
Shaggy: To da store.
Me: What are you going to get at the store?
Shaggy: Grapes.
Me: Anything else?
Shaggy: Uhhhh... annnnnn... stwabewwies.
Me: Strawberries? That sounds yummy. Who is going to sit in the car?
Shaggy: Uh. Grandpa.
Me: Anyone else?
Shaggy: Yah. Grandma!
Me: Anyone else?
Shaggy: Uncle Ray.
Me: Anyone else?
Shaggy: Uhhhh....... another Uncle Ray.
Me: Really? Wow... anyone else going to fit in there?
Shaggy: Yah. Yogurt.

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