Thursday, October 23, 2008

My little squeaker

Shaggy has been squeaking her responses a lot lately -- pretending to be a dog, a guinea pig, a stick, whatever. Her answers are usually squeaks.

Tonight, she climbed up on my lap....

Shaggy: Momma. I Nemo (Dora's guinea pig).
Me: Hi Nemo.
Shaggy: *squeak*
Me: Whatcha doing Nemo?
Shaggy: I sad.
Me: You're SAD Nemo??
Shaggy: *yes squeak*
Me: Why are you sad Nemo?
Shaggy: *squeak*
Me: Want me to make you happy, Nemo?
Shaggy: *yes squeak*
Me: What would make you happy Nemo?
Shaggy: Momma.
Me: Yes, sweetie?
Shaggy: Momma make me happy.