Saturday, September 20, 2008

Fat quarters and jelly rolls

No, this isn't the latest fad diet from Hollywood.

Nor is this a post about desserts... or weight loss... or spare change.

It's quilting. I know. It's very perplexing!

Evidently, these are precut sizes of material used for piece quilting. A Fat is half a yard of material cut in half. A jelly roll is a roll of strips and looks like this:

I'd really like to try making some small lap quilts as Christmas presents - or even table runners - but I am so confused by all the jargon. Can anyone point me to some easy tutorials?

Oh, and I think there are "charms" too, but they aren't like the charms on a bracelet. I have no idea what they are except they aren't what you think they are. LOL

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