Sunday, July 6, 2008

We Found Our Son’s Instruction Manual

There have been so many times when my husband and I have looked at each other and said, “I just wish Little M came with an instruction manual so I’d know what to do right now!” Through a fluke series of events today, I think we may have found an instruction manual for our son. It’s called “The Explosive Child” by Ross W. Greene, PhD.

While we don’t have any official labels to give a name to the issues our son faces, we’ve always felt that while a bright child, he was just a bit left of center. He has had mild developmental delays in his gross and fine motors skills, sensory, social interactions and mild-to-moderate speech and language delays. On their own, each of these issues wasn’t enough to warrant much concern. But when looking at the larger picture and pile each issue on top of the other, it was clear to us that our son was struggling.

As he approaches his fourth birthday, I feel that my son has overcome most of his delays and is well on his way to mainstream kindergarten on schedule with his peers. His physical prowess and risk taking is right on target now. He is much more social and learning more social skills daily. He is still delayed in his speech but is definitely closing the gap and catching up with his peers. The Early Intervention program in our city has been an outstanding resource and influence for us. I cannot begin to say enough positive things about the therapists and teachers who have come into my son’s life. They are, in a word, amazing.

With all of that, I have felt way back in my hind brain that there was something we were missing. I didn’t know what that missing thing was, but it was there and it was bugging me. I tried numerous times to express this to my husband, to the therapists and teachers but I wasn’t able to accurately express what this missing link was. The second I saw the title of this book on the shelf, I was able to give a name to this missing component. He’s an Explosive Child!

[more to come...]

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Anonymous said...

I can't wait to hear more updates! I'm glad you found that book!