Sunday, June 29, 2008

Don't answer the door....

Do not answer the door for guests screaming your husband's name for help as you're carrying a preschooler who is screaming and bleeding profusely from the head.

The doorbell rang and as I got up to answer the door, Little M fell into the corner of the end table. I opened the door and looked back and he was sitting there crying. I ran over to him while shouting, "Come in!" and blood was pouring down his face. I started screaming for Big M to come down while also shouting at my poor guests to come in.

So here's a fellow member and her husband distracting Shaggy while I lay my son out on the dining room table and try to catch the blood and calm Little M and myself.

Everything is okay.
Little M has a bandaid and has informed us that his head is broken. It's a deep cut but didn't require stitches.

But I must admit, it took a good hour for my heart to stop racing.

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