Saturday, May 31, 2008

Little Boy Heaven

The breaks on my car are shot big time so my brother is here fixing them. Little M is in Little Boy Heaven! He's practically glued to his uncle's side, watching (and commenting on) every move my brother makes.

"Un-ka Ray, what you doin? Car broken?"

"Un-ka Ray, the tire broke. I fink duh tire broken."

"Un-ka Ray, you gotta wash your hands again!"

"Un-ka Ray, what dis? What dis Un-ka Ray?"

"Ohh.. I see... duh tire is BROKEN. Gonna fix it Un-ka Ray?"

But not only is the car up on a jack with the rear tires off; not only is his favorite cousin here visiting; not only is his favorite uncle here doing manly things with the car; but, the neighbors two doors down are mowing their lawn and doing edge work.

My son is sitting on the sidewalk pushing his big dump truck back and forth, and while he may be *sitting* still, it's like his head is on a swivel... watch Uncle Ray, check out the lawn mower, see what Uncle Ray is doing, watch the weed eater, push the truck, make sure Uncle Ray hasn't moved, push the truck, point at the lawn mower.

And let's not forget all the dirt and grime....

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CristyLynn said...

That's perfect! I love the picture.