Saturday, May 31, 2008

House Rules, con't

Well, the house rules didn't really take very well. Big M wouldn't/couldn't/didn't remember and I was annoyed at being the only one doing anything. It all came to a head last night.

I was grumpy all day yesterday because the house was a disaster. The kitchen -- gross. Beyond gross! I flipped out. I was so angry. I was infuriated! I was so mad at myself and at Big M for letting our home be like this. I was frustrated because I feel like I can never get ahead or maintain any semblance of tidiness. And, honestly, I feel like I don't know *how* to properly clean. There's always something I miss.

I attacked the kitchen. I went full force and really attacked it. (I also sent out a vent email to my friend who is an OCD neat freak.)

I've decided to focus on keeping one room exactly the way I want it. The bathroom has been easy and I'm happy to say that I've done a really good job of keeping it spic and span and clutter-free. Now I'm focusing on Little M's room and the kitchen.

Big M has done a pretty good job of making a routine of picking up the toys in Little M's room each evening before bed time. It's been a struggle to get the kids involved and keeping them focused but I realize it's a process and it won't happen overnight.

My goals are simple to state but will take time and continuous effort: Learn for myself and teach my children so they don't face these same struggles.

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