Tuesday, May 20, 2008

ISO a few blog partners

I have a few blogs running - some at full speed and some are barely chugging along - and I'd like to add a few authors to them.

The first is The Domestic Bettys. This blog is about how to be domesticated when faced with a lack of education, hutzpuh, time, energy or desire. It's all about tips and tricks to make domestic life a bit easier and maybe even fun sometimes. Each author has a general subject area of expertise that they write about. We ask for one post a week and compensate the authors with the joy of writing. If you're interested, please email educatedmom at live dot com (that would be me!).

This second site really needs some help. I started it last year before Christmas as a way to help other parents find alternatives to toys manufactured in China. Educated Mom shared lots of info around the holidays but I've not had time to keep up with it. I'm looking for a co-author who is interested in providing parents with safe toys, alternatives to products manufactured in China and has the ability to do this without making this a political statement. There are lots of reasons to boycott China, but this blog isn't about that. Again, email educatedmom at live dot com if you're interested in writing for the blog.

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