Friday, May 16, 2008

The "everything you need to know if 5 minutes" post

Busy, busy, busy! And so many things to update that it'd take days to give you all the details so here's the Reader's Digest condensed version.

  • Big M successfully completed his last semester as a Chemical Engineering Junior! YAY!! This is supposed to be the toughest semester of the entire curriculum so hopefully it's smooth sailing into this final year of school.
  • He's still trying to find a summer internship. Oy.
  • Little M wears Big Boy Underwear (tm) all the time except during naps and overnight. I'm so incredibly proud of his progress!
  • Shaggy has an ear infection. We always get Augmentum because Amoxicillin doesn't work for her. After 48 hours on the meds, I have a suspicion that the drugstore gave her Amox. She can't fall asleep tonight and has lost her appetite. Ugh.
  • I started a new site a month ago and it's kicking booty! I feel like the site is doing well with traffic but I need to be more organized about adding content. Phase 2 is big and will be the actual money maker. I can't wait to share details once everything is finalized!
  • Because of Shaggy's ear infection and incessant waking during the night, my sleep schedule is really off -- which is why I was scrubbing my kitchen cabinet doors at 5 am. What else do you do at 5 am when your days and nights are all mixed up?
  • I had my mom chop off all my hair. It's bobbed and my bangs are growing out. For the first time in.... gee.... wow... probably 25 years, I don't have bangs. I would tell you all about the traumatic forehead smacking that occurred in Jr./Sr. high school but honestly, it's not worth the time. It was funny and didn't really traumatize me. (I'm dramatic like that sometimes) LOL
  • I keep forgetting to plan Shaggy's 2nd birthday party. Oops! Tomorrow, I promise!
  • I had Little M's IEP review today with his school. This is to go over his goals for the year to help with his developmental delays and prepare him for kindergarten. I cannot express enough how stellar his teachers are. They amaze me. They really do. Short version: M still has delays but has made incredible progress. He'll remain in the PDD program next year, for which I am very grateful. We're on the waiting list for PDD summer school.

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Anonymous said...

Hi. I found your blog on Mommyfest and am still making the rounds looking for new blogs to read. Your 5 minutes post is too funny, and it's enough to make me want to come back for more. LOL I see you're also a part of Checkout Chicks, which I actually DID just check out and found very cool right before I came here!