Thursday, February 7, 2008

Somewhere, a pig is flying

At around 18 months, Little M decided to stop eating any and all fruits and vegetables. He refused! And when I say "refused", there's no room for interpretation. There was no way anything fruity or vegetabley was passing his lips. He could pick peas out of casseroles like a pro.

We have tried everything to get him to eat fruits and veggies. I even resorted to Sneaky Chef tactics. Big M would toss leftover roasts into the food processor with some leftover veggies, grind it all up to mush and spread it on bread to make sandwiches. That is how desperate we became!

Because he wouldn't eat anything except carbs and granola and protein, Little M has severe constipation problems. So bad that if he doesn't have a dose of Miralax every day, he will stop pooping all together and hold it in for up to 7 days. Yah. Nasty.

I supplement his "diet" with V8 Fusion (8 oz of the juice is a full serving of fruits and vegetables), Fruitabu (each organic, no sugar added piece of fruit leather is 1/2 a serving of fruit), and vitamins. And we do try to sneak veggies in wherever we can.

Bright Eyes, however, is the polar opposite of her brother. She gladly eats a banana or two every day. She gets excited and squeals when I bring out the apples. She literally jumps up and down at the sight of grapes.

Given all of this, you probably still can't begin to imagine how shocked I was last night when Little M asked for a banana.... and ATE it! The ENTIRE banana! He's asked for bananas before but only eaten a bite or two at the most. He ate that whole banana all by himself!

And THEN..... he asked for another.

I nearly passed out right there!

It gets even better. He ate that entire second banana!!!!

Big M is ready to go check the backyard for the alien pods because surely an alien has replaced our son!!

Tonight, Little M ate some strawberry slices, a few mandarin orange slices, and a couple pieces of cut apple.

Sure somewhere a pig is flying and....


momofalltrades said...

Hee hee! Looks like lil sis turned things around for the boy! Glad he's coming around finally!

CristyLynn said...

That's a great post! Thankfully Isaiah still likes most fruits, but we've had to coerce some veggies lately. Usually if we mix them with something else, he'll eat them, but I must admit that I hope that he'll return to eating everything in sight someday!