Sunday, February 17, 2008

Introducing Doggie and Shaggy!

I've often wondered how people were tagged with such interesting nick-names. I never really had one, at least not one that stuck or was appreciated.

When each of the children were small, we (or at least I did) tried to think of cute nicknames for them. Of course, you can't really force the whole nickname thing or you end up with something ridiculous. It seems that this past month, my children have adopted their own nicknames and they are tags that will be lasting for quite a while.

More often than not, Bright Eyes' hair is in her face. It's a constant battle to keep her vision clear and keep the hair out of her nose, mouth and eyes. Quite frequently, she looks like this:

There have been times when I've jokingly called her Cousin It, but that's not a moniker I want to hang on her. One night, as I was blow drying her hair after her bath, I called her "Shaggy". She looked up at me and giggled, then said, "Again!" The more I called her Shaggy, the more she liked it. When I ask "Where's Shaggy?", she'll pat her chest and say, "Ri' here!!" Then I'll ask where she is calling her by her real name and get the same response. She definitely knows that Shaggy is her second name.

Not to be outdone, Little M decided to give himself a nickname -- Doggie.

Both of the kids are obsessed with pretending to be puppy dogs and cats. They meow at us, they bark at us, they whimper like puppies waiting to be pet. Little M even tells us to, "Doggie come here?" so that he can come to us and we can pet him (pat his head). Whenever I address his sister as Shaggy, he is always sure to tell us that his name is Doggie.

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