Sunday, February 3, 2008

For Heaven's sake, go to sleep already!!

Sweet, sweet baby girl.

I love you. I really, truly do.

But I definitely do NOT love you waking up around midnight every night and throwing a slumber party in your room with your lion, your baby Rhonda Renee, and your lamby. Your butterfly lights no longer amuse me.

It is 2:30am. My daughter has been awake since 11:45pm. She's been pulling this nonsense for about three weeks now. Her big brother used to do the same thing when he was teething -- and sure enough, she has teeth coming in.

Would you like a few highlights from the past several hours? Please, let me share!

She opens her door, looks at me and says, "Hi! Hi!!!!"

Right now, she's in there squealing like she's a trapeze artist.

Then she starts shouting, as forcefully as she can as though these words will change the fate of the world, "THREE!! FOUR!! FIVE!!! THREE!! FOUR!! FIVE!!! THREE!! FOUR!! FIVE!!! THREE!! FOUR!! FIVE!!! THREE!! FOUR!! FIVE!!!"

Now, the little devil, she's shouting, "WAKE UP! WAKE UP!" So. Not. Funny.

Earlier, she was on the floor at her door, with her face at the opening at the floor saying, oh so sweetly, "Hewwo! Hello! Hewwo! HI!! Hewwo!"

No words. I am speechless.

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