Thursday, January 31, 2008

Kroger, Walgreens and Rite Aid deals tonight!


Glade scented oil refill 3.29
Glade scented oil refill 3.29
Triaminic 7.29
Duracell 12.49
Fructis Shampoo/Conditioner 3.99

Glade BOGO -3.29
Fructis -1.00
Triaminic -1.00

Total OOP $24.86 (not including tax)

Mail in rebates:
Glade -1.00
Duracell -3.00
Triaminic -2.00
Fructis -3.99 (yes, they'll essentially be paying me a dollar to buy this!)

Total before coupons/rebates: 30.15
Total AFTER coupons/rebates: 14.87
49% savings

Rite Aid

Miralax (reg $19.99) 14.99
Electrasol 4.49
Maybelline eyeliner (reg 5.29) 2.64
Maybelline eyeliner (reg 5.29) 2.64
Duracell (reg 7.99) 6.29

$5 off $25 coupon

Total OOP: $26.05

Electrasol -1.50
Maybelline -2.00
Miralax -3.00

Total before coupons/rebates: 43.05
Total AFTER coupons/rebates: 19.55
45% savings

I had a 20% off coupon. So I divided my items into a pile that reached $25 (to use the $5/$25 coupon) and then put the one remaining item on a separate receipt to apply the 20% off coupon. The batteries were on sale. Evidently, this coupon uses the employee discount which doesn't apply to sale items. No where on the coupon does it say that it doesn't apply to sale items. It says, "This coupon can be used ONCE towards one purchase of eligible products." "This coupon is not valid on purchase of prescriptions, prescription co-pays, Medicare prescriptions, lottery tickets, tobacco, alcohol products, money orders, gift certificates, gift cards, stamps, licenses, other mailing services, or any other items excluded by law." The floor manager would not budge and would not give me the discount. She said she'd been turning the coupon down for sale items all week.

Not that she could change it, but I really didn't appreciate her attitude. That's what upset me more than the bogus coupon. Don't get me wrong -- I'm plenty annoyed about the coupon too. But she could have handled it better.


Some of my deals....

Grapes $1/lb (usually $3.99/lb)
Gallon of milk $1.99 (bought 6 gallons and most are going in the freezer)
Bought 9 "Game Day Must Have" items and got $6 off my total

Every item I purchased, with the exception of some chamomile tea for Bright Eyes, was on sale and I didn't have any coupons. It's totally possible to cut your bill in half without ANY coupons.

Total before sale prices: 50.99
Total OOP $52.65
$49% savings!!

Because the milk was on manager's special, it didn't ring up as a sale price. The milk was regularly $4.42/gal. I got it for $1.99/gal. That would have bumped my savings percentage to over 50%. And no coupons used!

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