Thursday, January 17, 2008

Let sleeping toddlers lie

Bright Eyes is in a big girl bed now. At night, we really don't have a problem with her staying in the bed for the most part. She'll sometimes get up and play (translation: pull all the clothes out of her dresser) but she usually stays in her bed.

Nap time is another story. She runs around her room, throws the clothes in the air, plays with her baby dolls, throws her sippy cup, jumps on her bed, bangs on the door, kicks the wall.... you get the idea. I am convinced this is because it's not as dark as at night so there are more things to visually distract her.

The other night wasn't a particularly difficult night to get her to bed so we were quite shocked when, at midnight, we tried to peek in on her and couldn't open her door! The sweet baby had fallen asleep on the floor, smack in front of her door! Big M watched until he saw her leg move, and then once assured that she wasn't dead, shut the door and came to bed. He checked on her again around 5:00 am and she was on the other side of the room, asleep, still on the floor.

As long as she sleeps, I don't care if it's in the bed or the floor. I'm not about to pick up a sleeping toddler and move her to the bed!

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Kendra said...

Sleeping kids are the best kids! LOL When she is a teen she'll realize that sleeping is cool!