Thursday, November 15, 2007

It's not so easy finding toys!

I had to run to BRU (BabiesRUs) today for some Little brand chest rub and some sippy cups. While there, I decided to run through the toy section and get some Christmas ideas.

Bright Eyes saw "Melmow" and the clamoring began. Unfortunately, Elmo is made in China. There will be no new Elmos in our house this Christmas.

The Leap Frog toys looked promising. Nope, they too are made in China.

So we strolled over to the Playskool stuff. Again, made in China.

It's hard to stick to your principles when you're not the one who has to actually sacrifice.

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mammaof2 said...

We are running into the same problem with this. There are so many neat things but all made in china. If you find something let me know.