Sunday, November 18, 2007

It's Friendsgiving!!

The turkey is in the oven (and you better not screw me once again Bobby Flay!), the "parts" are in a pot with some veggies to boil and make stock, and I'm up way too early.

But today, I don't mind getting up early. Today my house will be filled with children and adults and every one of our guests is considered a friend to someone in my house. Our friends are coming over to help celebrate Thanksgiving a little early.

This past year has been a great friendship year for me. Nothing phenomenal or earth-shaking happened, but my friendships grew and deepened. As a stay at home mom in a new city, it's very lonely a lot of the time. So many times, I've been able to pick up the phone, hop in the car, or send an email for help, advice or just because -- and only because of these women I am so blessed to call my friends.

Each of my friends has enriched my life in very different ways. I am so grateful for each one. My goal for next year is to take a few more of my acquaintances and try to get to know them better and to bless each of my friends as much as they have blessed me.

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