Friday, October 19, 2007

Our first parent-teacher conference

Little M is enrolled in preschool through the public school system. His classroom is at the local elementary school so we follow their schedule. Today was parent-teacher conference day. As a child, I always dreaded these conferences. I hated knowing that they were talking about me and I had no idea what they were saying. It's an issue I still have as an adult actually!

Anyway, for once I was very excited about parent-teacher conference day. I was very excited to sit down with Little M's teacher and discuss his progress.

Neither Big M nor I were surprised to learn that the teacher never has to deal with tantrums from our son. Of course not! Why would he waste a tantrum on school when he can throw a big one at home? But all in all, he's doing well. His socialization is improving as is his speech. We discussed that he still has a very hard time relaying to us what he experiences during the day and that he isn't stringing sentences into conversations. But these are the reasons he's enrolled in the developmentally delayed class so we aren't upset by this. We do see progress, as does his teacher, and that's what matters.

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