Sunday, September 2, 2007

Falling asleep holding hands

Little M wasn't quite ready to give up and fall asleep for nap time today. Normally, I wouldn't lay down with him for several reasons but the foremost being that I'm stuck once I do so. With toddler rails on both sides of his bed, it's difficult to get out of his bed without waking him up. But I took one rail down the other day to test and see if he's ready to sleep in the bed without rails.

The door opens and there's Little M, holding Mr. Puppy and looking up at me expectantly. I turn him around and usher him back to his bed. I loved the wide-eyed look of surprise on his face when I laid down with him. He hugged Mr. Puppy, stuck his thumb in his mouth and held his free hand out to me.

We held hands and both drifted off to sleep facing each other. I woke a bit later when he was in REM and started to twitch a bit.

There's nothing quite so satisfying as a mother nor quite so peaceful as laying next to your sleeping child and feeling his soft breath on your face.

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