Friday, August 3, 2007

Tax-free weekend

It's sales tax free weekend here in Virginia! I swear this is starting to become as big of a sales event as Black Friday!

I already have my shopping list: Big M needs clothes for school and work, Little M needs shirts and sweaters for Fall/Winter, Bright Eyes needs almost everything, both kids need shoes and winter wear. So what have I overlooked? Oh yah... me! I'll probably buy a few things but it's so much easier to buy for everyone else.

I'll be hitting up Kohl's since they're having Kohl's Cash again. Can't beat free money. Of course, it's just a ploy to make you go back in and spend more than you would have normally. I realize this and try to keep my spending to exactly at or below the Kohl's Cash amount I have.

Burlington Coat Factory is another store on my list. Now that they accept returns, I'm happy to drop my boycott of their store. It's such a pain to try to shop for children's clothes there when you have kids with you though. Thankfully, Big M will be watching the little scamps.

Now the trick is to see how much I can enlarge everyone's wardrobes but keep the dollar amount low.


kara said...

enjoy the deals!!

Kendra said...

I'm here in Virginia too and will be sharing the joy of tax free weekend!!

Grandmagoose said...

I wish they had something like that in Ohio!!