Saturday, July 7, 2007

Practicing My Mommy-Poker Face (tm)

Surely you've been there and had to fiercely hold back laughing at something naughty your child did. Trying to be the stern disciplinarian and instill that fear and respect for authority means you can't bust out laughing while trying to discipline. It totally defeats the purpose! But sometimes it's so insanely hard to hold onto that straight face!

My almost three year old son is quite the little ham. He has found his sense of humor and knows that I like to laugh as well. The kid is a serious threat to my Mommy Poker Face(tm)!!

Some examples of how my own Mommy Poker Face (tm) was nearly obliterated today:

- Trying to put him down for his nap is always a struggle. He got up and opened his door, but he did not run down to the foot of his bed like normal. Nope. He stood there and held the door shut so I couldn't come in and he wouldn't be in trouble. I almost laughed out loud!

- During the same nap struggle, I was giving my son a stern lecture. He kept cackling and pretend-laughing. How are you supposed to not laugh?!

- After putting him back in bed yet again, I hear him howling and wailing and crying from his bed. It abruptly stops and I hear, "Whatsamatter?"

- During lunch, he got down from the table and started running back and forth from the living room to the dining room to the kitchen and back again, continuously. This got his baby sister laughing which made me laugh.

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