Saturday, July 21, 2007

I Wonder What You're Thinking!

My baby girl has a horrific diaper rash. Whenever she has diarrhea, she gets these rashes that ultimately result in bleeding sores. It's incredibly painful for her and breaks my heart. So far, we've not found anything that helps. Yes, I know... I previously posted all my diaper rash cure secrets but none of them have been very effective with Bright Eyes.

While she was in the hospital this past week, the pediatrician had the pharmacy whip up their own special diaper rash cream. They call it Triple Butt Paste. It is magic. After only two applications, we saw an amazing improvement and the stuff was able to keep the rash from getting worse even though the diarrhea continued.

Through a series of miscommunications that aren't worth the time or energy to type out (translation: it'll get me too fired up again), we didn't have enough of the stuff to get us through the weekend so I headed out to KMart to buy supplies to make it myself.

As I put all my stuff on the checkout counter, I realized that it must look really .... odd. The checkout girl didn't say anything but she did give me the hairy eyeball for a second. What would you think of a woman purchasing four boxes of generic vaginal antifungal cream, four boxes of generic diaper rash cream and four boxes of generic hydrocortisone 1% ointment?

So that's the secret recipe for my magic butt cream: equal parts hydrocortisone 1%, Nystatin or some other type of antifungal cream such as Lotrimin AF or Monistat, zinc oxide. I use any diaper rash cream with 40% or more zinc oxide. Stir until incorporated and viola!

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