Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Diaper Rash Cures

Having dealt with constant, never-ending, bleeding diaper rashes when my son was a baby, I've learned a thing or two about what works and what doesn't. I have methods and systems for attacking a diaper rash. Let me share with you how to treat diaper rashes - the most mild to the horrible, bleeding sores that make your baby cry when you try to wipe him (and chips off a tiny part of your heart at the same time).

External Remedies:

Zinc oxide is the key in any diaper rash treatment. Check out the active ingredients in your favorite diaper cream. Many creams contain less than 15% zinc oxide and for some children, that's enough. If you're dealing with a persistent rash, try to find a brand with 40% zinc oxide. They are out there and there are several with 40% in them.

Dry, dry, dry. The best cure is no diaper at all. Let that bum out in the air as much as you can. When my son's rashes were at their worst, I'd lay him on the floor and turn on his favorite video while I changed his diaper. Once the dirty one was off and he was clean, I'd keep him laying there with the clean diaper under him and fan him with the other end of the diaper. Another trick is diaper-less naps. Try to time it for after the daily poop but still be prepared to clean up a mess. Use an empty tub and some tub crayons for fun naked time with not so much clean up.

Use cornstarch instead of baby powder. Even add some cornstarch to the water at bath time.

From The Inside Out:

If your child is over one year old and can have dairy, add yogurt to his diet, specifically Activia.

Add L. acidophilus, Lactobacillus casei and Bifidobacterium supplements to your child's diet. Many times you can purchase these active cultures at your pharmacy. They do not require a prescription but are kept behind the counter in a refrigerator.

More Than A Diaper Rash?

If your diaper rash does not succumb to the treatments listed above within a day or two, it's very likely that your child has a yeast infection.

Cut down on sugar and juices. They only feed the yeast and keep it happy.

Apply an anti-fungal cream such as Monistat or Lotrimin.

Request a prescription of Nystatin cream from your pediatrician.

As much dry air time as possible.

The Worst Diaper Rash Ever:

There were times that my son's diaper rash progressed from nothing to open and bleeding sores in one diaper change. In those cases, regular baby wipes burned terribly because most contain alcohol.

To deal with the pain of diaper rashes, purchase "personal cleansing clothes" or breast cleansing wipes for breastfeeding women. Double check to make sure there is no alcohol in the ingredients.

Once you have cleaned the baby's bottom, gently apply a burn gel. This will help numb the area and won't have alcohol in it.

Layering The Products:

For my son's worst rashes, here's the system I used -
- wipe with personal cleansing cloth (alcohol free)
- let air dry
- apply thin layer of burn gel
- let air dry
- apply light coating of cornstarch
- apply coating of Nystatin or other anti-fungal cream
- apply generous coating of Triple Paste

Products That Have Saved Us:

Triple Paste - your pharmacist may have to order it for you
Greer's Goo - this requires a doctor's prescription but it's amazing rash cream
Personal Cleansing Cloths
Generic drugstore burn gel


BabyTalkers said...

Great post - very informative! I'm so sorry your little guy had such terrible diaper rash, but it seems like you figured out how to help him. good for you!

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Anonymous said...

I don't even know if you still keep this blog, but my son has diaper rashes just like this. I'm too the point of exhaustion and heartbreak I have tried nearly everything u suggested. I'm gonna try to layering thing first before I give in and cry then pay full price for a visit since we have no medical.