Friday, July 6, 2007

From baby to toddler in one step

She's walking. My sweet baby girl is walking. And she's pretty darn excited about it too! When we start to cheer for her, she gets such a huge smile and cackles as she tries to run to us. It's so precious!

Walking is one of the most exciting developmental milestone. It totally transforms a child from a baby to a toddler. It creates so much independence and opens up a world of play opportunities.

First and foremost, it frees her of grime and gunk and germs on her hands from crawling on dirty floors. Ew yuck! And as cute and endearing as crawling can be, walking is so much more efficient once mastered.

So walk on baby girl! Keep walking and keep entertaining us. Congratulations on this big step into toddlerhood.

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lmilla said...

BIG GIRL!!! Congrats, momma and J!