Sunday, June 3, 2007

Party goody bags

Why do we do this? Why do we hand out goody bags at our childrens' parties?

Most of the time, it's silly stuff that the recipient isn't going to use. Of course we want to thank our guests for attending the party, but honestly, do items such as cheap hackisacks, low quality bubbles, cheap toys that break in a day and other such sundries really qualify as a well deserved thank you?

Why do we kill ourselves trying to find the "right" stuff to go in a goody bag? Inevitably, you need 14 bags and everything comes by the dozen. Then you're stuck with all the left over crap that you don't want your own children having but you're happily stuffing baggies for all your friends' kids with the same crap.

It gets expensive! The bags aren't cheap because they must match the theme of your party and it's not on sale. Then, at $2-$7 per pack of stuff, which comes either in a 6-pack or 12-pack, you always end up needing at least 10. Multiply that by the number of items you want to put in each pack and you've spent $50 on crap that no one really wants to take home and have laying around their house.

What do YOU do with the goody bags your kids get? You wait a few days, then quietly and inconspicuously toss the whole thing in the trash while your kids are napping. I know you do it so don't even pretend.

I'm done ranting now. I have to get back to Oriental Trading's website so I can finish ordering the goody bag crap for my daughter's birthday party this weekend.

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