Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Mother's Day Expectations

Do you have any expectations for Mother's Day?

I have found that most of the mommies I know would be overjoyed to have their man do something simple that he should already be doing - like pick up the damn socks or take the kids out for the day or cook a meal or keep the kids out of her hair or express gratitude for all her hard work.

Shouldn't they be doing this already?

I polled a group of mommies and here are some of the responses I received:

Q: Is Mother's Day important to you?

- Since my daughter is 2 and her father is a loser, i don't expect much. My mom usually gets me a card from her and i get one for my mom. That's about it.

I expect DH to say something about how he appreciates me as C's mother and how I am wonderful. Just once a year, I want that. I don't care about stuff or brunch or flowers, but I do yearn for a nice card with some heartfelt sentiment. I just really want to be appreciated.

I better get cards, presents, appreciative words, breakfast in bed, a massage, new shoes, a shrine, a villa in Tuscany and my favorite chocolate or I know a house full of boy's heads that will roll.

its very important to me just to hear DH say that he appreciates everything I do. But as far as getting anything from him I always seem to be let down! Oh well, I still love him!

I have learned that when you put expectations on a date or day, you almost always are let down. There were days that ended up being HORRIBLE b/c I didn't express what I wanted - I just EXPECTED them to know, of course they didn't and I ended up in tears.

I was afraid that DH wouldn't realize how important my first Mother's Day was to me, so I told him ahead of time that it was and that I wanted him to make it a special day for me. Nothing fancy, just a special family day. You are right--you can't expect DH to be a mind-reader. That whole fantasy of thinking, if he really knows me, he'll know what I want, is just that--a fantasy.

i would rathe rbe more appreciated all year than for just one day...i will probably get a homeade card, and that's good enough for me!

Mother's Day is important to me, but I don't really expect any kind of gift. DH is always very thoughtful - and picks out wonderful cards. I enjoy his cards.

I'm not expecting a ticker-tape parade or anything wild and crazy. But I do expect to be told explicitly what my husband thinks of my mothering abilities. I expect to be treated special. If that is in small ways or big ways, I don't care.

Like most women, I just want to hear and feel appreciated.

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