Monday, July 12, 2010

Little Miss Smarty Pants

"Momma, I'm gonna make your computer SPARKLY!"
"Um, no."
"Can I make your purse sparkly?"
"But girls LIKE sparkly."
"No, sweetie."
"Momma, I'm gonna make your camera sparkly!"
"But MOMMA! I NEEEEEED to make things SPARKLY!"
"Okay. You can make my sewing machine sparkly."
"YAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYY!!!!! I love sparkly."

"I don't know baby. I don't have a clock in the shower with me."
--about 45 seconds later, she comes running back--
"Momma, it's ONE-TWO-TWO-ONE!"
"It's 12: 21."
"No. It's one-two-two-one!"
"Right, that means it's 12:21."
"NO! It's ONE. TWO. TWO. ONE!"

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