Sunday, June 28, 2009

$500 from FastWeb

I just signed up to go back to school. For quite a while, I've been thinking about going back to school to finish my degree. And since my husband just graduated, it seemed like the right time. Since we're dirt poor right now, I've been scouring the internet for scholarships and grants.

I signed up with FastWeb and I like the site a lot. Basically, you check off every single bit of bizarre info about you and your parents and they match you up with scholarships.

I just got an email from them about a new scholarship on July 4th only.

Here's the text of the email they sent to me:

FastWeb Shout for Cash
Award Amount: $500

In celebration of Freedom of Speech, and the launch of the new FastWeb Discussions Channel, we're giving away $500 to any FastWeb user who visits on July 4, 2009. We hope you'll also feel free to visit our new Discussions Channel and join the conversation with students, educators, parents and alums on how to get the most money for your education.


"to any FastWeb user who vists on July 4, 2009." Which sound like everyone gets the $500. But I also found this in a discussion group "FastWeb Shout for Cash! contest where anyone who visits fastweb on July 4th is automatically entered in a random drawing to win $500. In celebration of Freedom of Speech, and FastWeb's dedication to listening to students."

Whether it's a drawing or every user, I'll definitely be logging in on the 4th!!

Click to sign up with FastWeb


Siress said...

Only one person will receive the $500, it's a random drawing.

rubia said...

Thanks Siress! I couldn't find that link for some reason.

Siress said...

I found this blog and that link through a google search. I, too, was curious if it was for every visitor on that day or just one. I suppose that was their intent.